I'm an architectural designer driven by a passion to uplift people & the planet.

My name is Stella Goffman. I am an architectural designer with a passion for design centered around environmental preservation and social equity. I recently earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Environmental Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. I am inspired to work toward a brighter future for communities, people, and the planet.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I enjoy dedicating my time to youth education and environmental stewardship. I channel my energy into organizations devoted to protecting biodiversity and providing accessible food and housing for local communities.

What I'm reading...

Sculpture & Pottery

Working with clay has become more than a hobby to me; it's a passion, a meditative escape, and an avenue for boundless creativity.

Much like architecture, I see the infinite potential within a block of clay, embracing the unique qualities it unveils as I shape it. Ceramics, the birthplace of my love for design, remains a constant source of fascination, a means of meditation, and an artistic outlet.